Monday, May 6, 2013

Bowman Blue Wave Is Back With 2013 Bowman Baseball

For the second year running, Topps has decided to bring back their Blue Wave Wrapper Redemption program that has proven to be immensely popular last year. The Blue Wave program was introduced with last year's 2012 Bowman Baseball product and continued through the rest of the year's Bowman products (although the program continued in 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects as part of an online code redemption program). The program was so successful that it even crossed over into their 2012 Topps Chrome Football product, although not as a wrapper redemption, but as a bonus to the multitude of redemption autos in the product (unlike the baseball counterparts, the football Blue Wave cards did not parallel the entire checklist, limiting the release to only rookies and the only autograph card available in the packs was Alfred Morris).

This year's program will be a direct parallel of the Bowman Chrome Prospects checklist complete with autograph cards, just like it was last year. Although the press release did not mention Red Wave Parallels, this blogger would not be surprised if they were included in this release just as they were in last year's baseball Blue Wave programs.

This time, there is a limit of 10 packs per household, with all requests required to be sent in one mailing postmarked no earlier than May 8th (the official release date of the product). Each 5 card redemption pack will require either 24 Hobby pack wrappers, 10 HTA jumbo pack wrappers, or 36 retail pack wrappers. Topps did not announce a print run this time, but you can expect packs to run out quickly so get your wrappers in as soon as possible. You can send your wrappers to:

Bowman Blue Wave Redemption
P.O. Box 2008
Duryea, PA 18642

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Panini Super Bowl XLVII Promotion Checklist

Lucky collectors who follow Panini had a unique opportunity to participate in a Panini Store only promotion. Collectors would receive a 1 pack/box with the purchase of each qualified box of $60 or more. Within each pack/box would be 1 autograph card numbered to 25 or less. The cards will be Super Bowl themed, featuring key players in various Super Bowls throughout the years, except for the inclusion of 7 autograph jersey cards of top rookie from the 2012 draft class. Needless to say, this promotion ran its course within 24 hours. By my calculations from the print runs on each card, there have been less than 550 of these Super Bowl Promo Packs/Boxes produced. Below is a checklist with print runs of each card in this promotion. For a picture gallery of all the cards, you can go to the original post on the Panini Blog. You can also click on the checklist item for a quick link to the original picture post.

Rookie Jersey Autos
Andrew Luck #/20 (Unlike most of the other rookie cards, this one features prime swatches and has an on-card signature)
Brandon Weedon #/25
Doug Martin #/10
Justin Blackmon #/25
Robert Griffin III #/10
Russell Wilson #/15 (Unlike most of the other rookie cards, this one features prime swatches)
Ryan Tannehill #/25
Trent Richardson #/10

Diamond Stud Autos
Drew Brees #1/1
Eli Manning #1/1
Peyton Manning #1/1

Super Bowl Private Signings Autos
Andre Reed SB XXVII #/25
Bart Starr SB I #/3
Brett Favre SB XXXI #/3
Drew Brees SB XLIV #/15
Eddie George SB XXXIV #/25
Eli Manning SB XLVI #/5
Emmitt Smith SB XXXVIII #/5
Franco Harris SB IX #/5
Hines Ward SB XL #/15
Howie Long SB XVIII #/25
Jerome Bettis SB XL #/25
Jerry Rice SB XXIII #/5
Jim Kelly SB XXVI #/5
Jim McMahon SB XX #/25
Jim Plunkett SB XV #/25
Joe Greene SB IX #/25
Joe Montana SB XXIII #1/1
Joe Namath SB III #/2
John Riggins SB XVII #/3
Larry Csonka SB VIII #/5
Marcus Allen SB XVIII #/3
Michael Irvin SB XXVII #/25
Michael Strahan SB XLII #/14
Peyton Manning SB XLI #/10
Phil Simms SB XXI #/25
Rod Woodson SB XXXV #/25
Roger Craig SB XIX #1/1
Ronnie Lott SB XVI #/3
Santonio Holmes SB XLIII #/3
Steve Young SB XXIX #/5
Terrell Davis SB XXXII #/25
Terry Bradshaw SB XIII #/10
Terry Bradshaw SB XIV #/5
Thurman Thomas SB XXV #/5
Tom Rathman SB XXIV #/10

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Topps Continues Its Wrapper Redemption Programs with 2013 Topps Silver Slate

Topps released its first product of the 2013 baseball product season and with it, they have announced their first wrapper redemption program of the year. Unlike last year's release of the flagship line, this year's wrapper redemption will not be its own unique set like the Gold Rush wrapper redemption set. Instead, the Silver Slate wrapper redemption cards will be a direct parallel of the 330 card base set. These cards will come in 5 card packs and come with a chance to pull set exclusive autographs of players like Ken Griffey Jr., Nolan Ryan, Dylan Bundy, and Cal Ripken Jr. So far there is no word on whether these autographs will be numbered or how many different autograph cards there will be. There will only be 10,000 packs, which means that the print run on any particular card will be around 150 per card.

To get your Topps Silver Slate packs, you will have to send them 50 hobby or retail wrappers or 10 HTA jumbo wrappers from 2013 Topps Series 1 for each pack, up to 10 packs per household until all packs are exhausted. That equates to a pack for every box and a half of hobby packs or one box of HTA packs. You can send your wrappers to:

Silver Slate Wrapper Redemption
PO Box 2008
Duryea, PA 18642

Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Yields Unannounced Case Hit!

The newly released 2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition baseball product has a little extra oomph for collectors in the form of a previously unannounced insert set called High School All-Stars. The set appears to feature some of the draft's most highly touted high school players such as Byron Buxton, Courtney Hawkins and Addison Russell. Other players on the checklist include Lance McCullers, Jesse Winker, and Ty Hensley. Although I have yet to see more than a handful of these cards, the checklist appears to be 20 players long like most of the other inserts in the product. These insert cards seem to fall at a rate of only one per 20 box case, although it is possible that they are even more rare than that considering the product has been live for 3 days and only 6 of these cards have even been seen on eBay.
This case hit insert set brings to baseball a formula that has proven to be very successful for Panini's basketball lines. So far the response to these inserts has been soft, but that may be due to a lack of information. Additionally, while the cards look nice, there is a lack of a special element like die-cutting or use of some other design technology to make the cards stand out. Ultimately, rare insert cards may not even catch on in the baseball categories as gimmicks from one sport don't always carry over to another sport. It is this writer's opinion that a large portion of the collecting community tend to stick with the sport they love. We have already seen Topps Five Star fall flat on the secondary market despite having a strong brand presence in the football category, usually commanding premium dollars over the original retail price in the aftermarket. Panini plans on following suit by offering National Treasures for the first time in baseball and this collector fears the worst for a promising product.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TCI's Notable of the Week - NFL Conference Round - Ray Lewis

NFL fans who don't already know who Ray Lewis is and why the Super Bowl will be extra significant for him are probably fans who might end up enjoying the commercials and the half-time show with Beyonce more than they enjoy the game. This future hall-of-famer, will be playing the last game of his vaunted career on the biggest stage there is for football players, Super Bowl Sunday. This is not to say that he is playing way past his effectiveness. This past Sunday, he gave the Patriots a reminder of why he's headed for Canton, leading the Ravens with 14 tackles (6 solo tackles). He will retire as having the 3rd most Pro-Bowls in a career as well as having the 2nd most takeaways by a linebacker with 50. The Ravens will be trying extra hard to send him off on a high note, especially considering their defense will not be the same without him next season.

Ray Lewis first appeared on cardboard in 1996, back when card collecting was facing a renaissance in which the landscape of collecting would change forever. Card products were on the cusp of low-numbered serial numbering and autographs/memorabilia cards were new to the hobby. Lewis has none of those card gimmicks for his rookie season, although he does have some tough parallels to chase in Bowman's Best with not only a refractor rookie card, but also an atomic refractor rookie card, which back in those days fell at a stingy 1 in 48 packs (that's one in every other box). He does have relatively easy to find rookie cards in 7 other products, so shop around and find your favorite.