Monday, October 29, 2012

Panini's 2011 NBA Draft Pick Autograph Redemption Draft Results

Alright basketball fans, this is the moment we've all been waiting for. Okay, maybe not all of us, but at least the ones still holding onto some NBA Draft Pick Autograph Redemption cards from last year's Panini products. To kick off the start of a new NBA season, Panini has scheduled their Draft Pick Autograph Redemption Draft for tonight October 29, 2012 at 9 p.m. CST according to the information on the redemption cards themselves, although as of this post, there has not yet been any post to this regard.

If you'll recall this time last year, the NBA season was not even close to starting yet due to the lockout and we lost 2 months of the regular season. As a side result of this dispute, NBA's sole card licensee, Panini, was forced to cancel over half of their NBA product line for the 2011-2012 season. Additionally, last year's rookies did not appear on cardboard resulting in this year's dual rookie class on cardboard. There is a little twist though. Panini did include redemption cards for last year's rookie draft class as well as this year's into 3 of their products in 2011-2012 (Past & Present, Limited, and Gold Standard). While the 2012 Draft Picks were identified by their draft position on the redemption cards (which are not for autographed cards), the 2011 Draft Picks (which ARE for autographed cards) were only identified by a multiple letter sequence. The players would be matched up to a specific letter code in a Live Checklist Draft today. Update: It has been revealed that all of the autographed cards from the 2011 Draft Class will be on-card and will be sharing the same print runs within their respective product brands but will not be serially numbered.

Personally, I think this whole dual rookie class thing by Panini is a bunch of marketing malarky and will only consider the 2011 Draft Pick Autograph Cards from this draft to be the true rookie cards for that rookie class since the redemption cards were issued the year of their rookie season like every other rookie class on cardboard before this. At any rate, I will be posting the results of the draft in this post once it happens.

Update: The results are in! Here they are:

Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers XRCO
Bismack Biyombo Charlotte Bobcats XRCBB
MarShon Brooks Brooklyn Nets XRCE
Alec Burks Utah Jazz XRCC
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls XRCY
Norris Cole Miami Heat XRCT
Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets XRCS
Jimmer Fredette Sacramento Kings XRCHH
Jordan Hamilton Denver Nuggets XRCII
Tobias Harris Milwaukee Bucks XRCDD
Reggie Jackson Oklahoma City Thunder XRCEE
Enes Kanter Utah Jazz XRCW
Brandon Knight Detroit Pistons XRCH
Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs XRCN
Marcus Morris Houston Rockets XRCL
Markieff Morris Phoenix Suns XRCK
Chandler Parsons Houston Rockets XRCZ
Iman Shumpert New York Knicks XRCFF
Chris Singleton Washington Wizards XRCJ
Nolan Smith Portland Trail Blazers XRCX
Isaiah Thomas Sacramento Kings XRCA
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors XRCG
Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers XRCCC
Jan Vesely Washington Wizards XRCR
Kemba Walker Charlotte Bobcats XRCI
Derrick Williams Minnesota Timberwolves XRCGG
Cory Joseph San Antonio Spurs XRCAA
JaJuan Johnson Boston Celtics XRCQ
Justin Harper Orlando Magic XRCP
Shelvin Mack Washington Wizards XRCB
Gustavo Ayon New Orleans Hornets XRCM
Charles Jenkins Golden State Warriors XRCV
Jeremy Tyler Golden State Warriors XRCU
Josh Harrellson New York Knicks XRCF
Lavoy Allen Philadelphia 76ers XRCD

As luck would have it, this particular blogger only had 5 of the redemption cards and ended up netting only lottery picks including Mr. Kyrie Irving! My other 4 were Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker and Bismo Biyombo.

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