Thursday, January 31, 2013

Panini Super Bowl XLVII Promotion Checklist

Lucky collectors who follow Panini had a unique opportunity to participate in a Panini Store only promotion. Collectors would receive a 1 pack/box with the purchase of each qualified box of $60 or more. Within each pack/box would be 1 autograph card numbered to 25 or less. The cards will be Super Bowl themed, featuring key players in various Super Bowls throughout the years, except for the inclusion of 7 autograph jersey cards of top rookie from the 2012 draft class. Needless to say, this promotion ran its course within 24 hours. By my calculations from the print runs on each card, there have been less than 550 of these Super Bowl Promo Packs/Boxes produced. Below is a checklist with print runs of each card in this promotion. For a picture gallery of all the cards, you can go to the original post on the Panini Blog. You can also click on the checklist item for a quick link to the original picture post.

Rookie Jersey Autos
Andrew Luck #/20 (Unlike most of the other rookie cards, this one features prime swatches and has an on-card signature)
Brandon Weedon #/25
Doug Martin #/10
Justin Blackmon #/25
Robert Griffin III #/10
Russell Wilson #/15 (Unlike most of the other rookie cards, this one features prime swatches)
Ryan Tannehill #/25
Trent Richardson #/10

Diamond Stud Autos
Drew Brees #1/1
Eli Manning #1/1
Peyton Manning #1/1

Super Bowl Private Signings Autos
Andre Reed SB XXVII #/25
Bart Starr SB I #/3
Brett Favre SB XXXI #/3
Drew Brees SB XLIV #/15
Eddie George SB XXXIV #/25
Eli Manning SB XLVI #/5
Emmitt Smith SB XXXVIII #/5
Franco Harris SB IX #/5
Hines Ward SB XL #/15
Howie Long SB XVIII #/25
Jerome Bettis SB XL #/25
Jerry Rice SB XXIII #/5
Jim Kelly SB XXVI #/5
Jim McMahon SB XX #/25
Jim Plunkett SB XV #/25
Joe Greene SB IX #/25
Joe Montana SB XXIII #1/1
Joe Namath SB III #/2
John Riggins SB XVII #/3
Larry Csonka SB VIII #/5
Marcus Allen SB XVIII #/3
Michael Irvin SB XXVII #/25
Michael Strahan SB XLII #/14
Peyton Manning SB XLI #/10
Phil Simms SB XXI #/25
Rod Woodson SB XXXV #/25
Roger Craig SB XIX #1/1
Ronnie Lott SB XVI #/3
Santonio Holmes SB XLIII #/3
Steve Young SB XXIX #/5
Terrell Davis SB XXXII #/25
Terry Bradshaw SB XIII #/10
Terry Bradshaw SB XIV #/5
Thurman Thomas SB XXV #/5
Tom Rathman SB XXIV #/10


  1. i have received 3 boxes and i am wondering if i should even open. do you think might be worth more than the 3 $100 boxes of promience i purchased?


  2. Even with a baby on the way, I scrounged up enough dough for 4 boxes myself. First off, I'm sorry you got stuck with Prominence. While there are some promising elements to the product, as a whole, it's a bit of a dog. With a normal draft class, I'd peg it as a $60 a box product. With this year's draft class, I still would hate to pay more than $70-75 for the product. Obviously this is pure speculation, but I'd say off the bat that the Super Bowl promo boxes will sell nicely at $50-70. The value after that will depend largely on how well received it will be (I think there's a good chance that it'll be a hit) and what pulls start getting revealed. If a good number of the larger hits still remain uncovered as the supply of boxes dwindle, I definitely could see a scenario where prices of these promo boxes break $100 within a few months. Personally, I'm also battling with the urge to break or flip. Most likely I will at least open one or two.

  3. After reading some comments on message boards, I think the easy tamper nature of the promo boxes may very well drive away most savy buyers, though the cards themselves should hold good value.

  4. hi,

    thank you for responding -seen some of the boxes go for $180 - $200 on ebay. as far as prominence i did get an andrew luck letter patch auto (letter C) so thank god that worked out ok.

    on the super bowl promo i did get steve young /5, eddie george and tannehill. young and luck made it worth it!

    thank you


  5. I definitely think the few that sold for over $200 are a bit of an overreach and some poor buyer overpaid for the box. I'm still surprised that they sell over $150 though. Gives me pause to think, especially with a number of the 1 of 1s having already surfaced. The best card of the entire product is still out there though, the Peyton Mannign Diamond Stud Auto.

    Personally, I am still waiting on my 4 as I seem to have fallen amongst the late receivers. It sounds like you absolutely killed it though.

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